Trivia Slideshows

HOST YOUR OWN trivia challenge remotely using a Brainstormer slideshow. Download today and display using PowerPoint or Google Slides. All you need to do is find someone from your organization to emcee your Quiz! Maybe that person who loved to grab the mic during your last company karaoke party? Zoom is a great platform for hosting remote trivia events. It’s easy to use, and its Breakout Rooms feature is useful for the team aspect of trivia. Click through the sample slides just below to get an idea of how our shows are presented.

For more than 20 years Brainstormer has led the way in producing great original trivia for corporate teambuilding and private trivia parties. Save yourself the time and effort in crafting your own trivia questions. Our content is second to none! It’s fun, informative, challenging and corporate-friendly!

Our HOST YOUR OWN trivia kit includes:

  • 3 great rounds of Brainstormer Trivia (10, or more, questions per round)
  • PowerPoint slideshow containing the questions and answers. Each round of questions consists of two halves: first you show the questions, one at a time. After all questions have been displayed, and once you have graded the team answers and tallied up the scores, show the questions again along with the answers (appear after each click)
  • Hosting guide (How to Host Slideshow Trivia via Zoom)
  • Score Tracker for the moderator/host (Excel)
  • Team Answer Play Card (Google form) (teams use this to submit their answers to the event moderator/host to grade). PLEASE NOTE: due to permissions settings, we email you the Play Card immediately after you have placed your order online)

We offer two trivia kit options:

  1. Brainstormer trivia – features three rounds of great Brainstormer trivia questions, including an online Picture Round. Scroll down on this page to view the options available for immediate purchase and download today!
  2. Custom package – includes your logo on the trivia slides as well as the option to mix in questions about your company, product, service, etc. along with the Brainstormer trivia (we can also build a quiz for you that includes only your questions. Just send those questions to us and we will take care of the rest). Due to the custom nature of this item, it is not available for purchase at our store. Also, the price depends on the amount of customization required. Please CONTACT US for more information and let us know what you are thinking. We will get back to you promptly.