Pub Quiz STARTER KIT for NEW bar clients only - (8 quiz packs)

Maximum Purchase:
1 unit
Pub Quiz STARTER KIT for NEW bar clients only - (8 quiz packs)


A ONE-TIME PURCHASE for BAR/RESTAURANT CLIENTS who have not yet hosted one of our quizzes! Get your Quiz Program up and running at low cost with this EIGHT WEEK (or 8 quiz) Starter Kit! Select the number of teams required (up to 10 teams, 15 teams or 20 teams).

Includes all the supplies you need for 8 totally different quizzes!

  • Instructions for play
  • Topics sheet with your bar/restaurant name
  • Team quiz books (includes wording to encourage patrons to buy drinks!)
  • 11" x 17" posters & table tents available for promotion
  • Score Tracker
  • Brainstormer pencils (1 per team)

Each Quiz Pack includes 61 Questions (6 rounds of 10 questions each), plus a bonus round of 10 'Weekly News' questions*, as follows. NOTE: The trivia content of each Quiz Pack is totally different so no repeated questions:

  • 1 x General Knowledge Round
  • 2 x Themed Topic Rounds
  • 1 x 'Famous Faces' Picture Round in color
  • 1 x Theme Matching 'Handout' Round
  • 1 x 'Last Call for Know-It-Alls' - a more challenging General Knowledge Round (plus 1 x Tie Breaker Question)
  • * 1 x 'Weekly News' Round, accessed when you log in at our web site. 10 brand new questions each week!