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FRIENDS Trivia Quiz Questions

'How YOU doin'?  This quiz is designed to test your knowledge of the TV show 'Friends'!

Quiz contains 51+ informative, challenging and entertaining questions (+ 10 BONUS questions) of different levels of difficulty (includes a Matching Round!):

  • Round 1 – 'A FRIENDLY Introduction' (11 easier questions about the show)
  • Round 2 – 'Can we be FRIENDS?' (14 general questions about the show)
  • Round 3 – Matching Round - 'FRIENDLY Factoids' (Match the FRIENDS character with the factoid. 13 questions)
  • Round 4 – 'FRIENDS with Benefits' (12 questions about romantic relationships on the show)
  • Round 5  'Still FRIENDS' (14 more challenging questions about the show + tie-breaker question)
  • BONUS Round 'Life Beyond Central Perk' (10 question that are not related to the episodes, but still relate to the actors on the show, etc.)

Also included:

  • Questions-only copies of the trivia rounds so the event host can play along without seeing the answers right away
  • Quizmaster's Scoreboard
  • Hosting tips and instructions
  • Team Play Card and Team Instructions (make copies as needed)
  • 8.5" x 11" color poster you can customize with date and time to advertise your event