'Family & Friends' Quizzes

'It still continues to be the highlight of our week.' - Bay Area Quizzer, January 8, 2021

'We’ve been doing the 'Family & Friends' quizzes for 21 weeks now (and they’ve been a lifesaver for our neighborhood).' - Bay Area Quizzer, September 17, 2020

'Our Friday Zoom Quiz has been a lifesaver.' - San Francisco Quizzer, July 30, 2020

'I can't tell you what a god send your trivia packs have been for my friends and I throughout COVID. We normally play at a local bar, but since mid-March we have a standing Friday night date to play. We usually have between 15-20 people and we rotate "host" each week. We have even challenged ourselves to create a music round. It is a great time and we are committed to doing it throughout the rest of quarantine.' - San Francisco Quizzer, July 15, 2020

  1. All Quizzes have totally different questions.
  2. Each Quiz is a one-time purchase. If you need more than one Quiz, be sure to download a different Quiz each time.
  3. These Quizzes are not for use at bars or corporate events. You may not sell, share or distribute these quizzes. Please CONTACT US if you are a bar manager or corporate event planner wishing you use our Quizzes.
  4. NEED MORE QUIZZES? If you have used up all of the Quizzes available at our store, please CONTACT US for details about our SUBSCRIPTION QUIZ FOR INDIVIDUALS and get access to a brand new Quiz with fresh questions every Monday! This option includes URL links to *all* the questions rounds, which is perfect for hosting remotely!